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What is SAP Concur?

SAP Concur offers an efficient way for businesses like yours to simplify spend management for Travel, Expense and Invoicing. It is an integrated solution that consolidates spending data from various endpoints within an organization including hotel, airfare and other suppliers. These are all gathered in an easy to navigate and use platform that helps organizations manage spending better and easier.

The solution also leverage a network of over 200 innovative partner apps so customers can capture more information on spending in a variety of categories.

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SAP Concur can be easily integrated with any existing ERPs and other business systems, which makes it easier to pair Concur Expense with your existing ERPs and other business systems (e.g., HR, CRM, payroll) through apps, partners, or custom integrations you can build with our open APIs. through apps, partners, or custom integrations you can build with our open APIs.

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  • Easily capture receipts – Automatically populate expense reports from anywhere with digital receipts from airlines, hotels, restaurants, and more.
  • Reduce non-compliance – Change and configure settings to fit your specific business needs and make enforcing policy compliance easier.
  • Keep spending data secure – Our solutions comply with global security and service management standards, so you can trust your data is secure.
  • Reimburse employees easily – let advanced technologies quickly match receipts to card charges and reimburse employees faster.

SAP Concur Travel can help create an automated, integrated corporate travel system to manage travel and expense goals.

  • Capture travel data, no matter where it’s booked
  • See consolidated travel data on a single dashboard
  • Easily book air, rail, hotel, and car using one online booking tool
  • Make policy compliance easy for employees
  • Give employees the freedom to book travel on their own

Take invoice management to another level by customizing, simplifying and speeding up the capture of invoices and payment, while having more visibility on your entire AP process.

  • Have the ability to make data-informed decisions through dashboards and reports that provide a full view of spending and cash flow.
  • Be more efficient by leveraging automations and machine learning to lessen manual data entry and reduce errors.
  • Integrate with any ERP or accounting systems quickly and easily, to enjoy user benefits.
  • Resolve discrepancies in invoices, POs, and receivables seamlessly to avoid overcharging or overpayments.

Each concur core product is a great tool on its own. However, by combining the core products and other value-added services into a single platform, you will harness its full potential bringing greater value to your organization. SAP Concur also offers industry specific customizations and implementations, to further align with your business’ spending goals and habits.

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Simplify spend management and work smarter, with SAP Concur

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