Pearson VUE

Pearson VUE is the computer-based testing arm of Pearson that offers cutting-edge testing solutions to qualify and license professionals.

About Pearson VUE

Information technology necessitates agile exams to keep professionals trained in the newest technologies. Because of this, the leading companies with distinguished names in IT have chosen Pearson VUE to deliver their important certification tests via computer-based testing.

Driven by its commitment to progress and growth, the testing pioneer prepares candidates with courseware, scenario-based laboratories, practice tests, and more, and continues to create innovative testing technologies that promote advancement through crucial credentials in practically every industry, including the IT industry.

The Future of Testing

Companies with established high-stakes exam programs realize significant benefits of computer-based testing from Pearson VUE’s integrated, end-to-end test development and delivery platform

Greater Security and Efficiency

Throughout the entire exam lifecycle, Pearson VUE’s skilled cyber protection team collaborates around-the-clock to identify potential risks, confirm candidates’ identities, and minimize test fraud.

Wide Candidate Reach

Pearson VUE has a team of experts, encompassing 4,500 employees worldwide and a network of test centers in 180 countries where millions of exams are delivered annually to a wide reach of candidates.

Top-Notch Assessment Services

Its performance-based testing and other cutting-edge test design solutions go beyond conventional knowledge-based testing to assess practical skills in the software that professionals use daily.

The Advantages of Getting Certified

Pearson VUE’s latest Value of IT Certification report shows that professionals who hold certifications tend to:

  • Have better professional credibility
  • Add more value to their employers
  • Be noticed and rewarded more frequently
  • Have greater self-confidence
  • Have continued learning
  • Have competitive advantages
  • Receive pay raises and promotions
  • Have increased job satisfaction

Your certification is a steppingstone to delivering on the promise of your chosen field or industry and making a positive impact on communities around the world. Broaden your professional options and realize your full potential through certifications.

Available Certifications

Amazon Web Services Certification

Alibaba Cloud Certification

Huawei Certification

IT Specialist Certification

Other Available Certifications

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