Experience the benefits of having a secure, single source of planning data that provides deeper insights and faster alignment.

Harness the Power of
Collaborative Planning

Connected Planning represents a paradigm

shift from the legacy approach to planning, which is typically

confined to a small group within an organization.

With Anaplan, your business will enjoy a dynamic, collaborative

and intelligent planning across all areas of an organization.

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Anaplan’s Connected planning honeycomb

The Connected Planning Honeycomb

Anaplan’s Connected planning honeycomb illustrates the power of collaborative planning that can only be realized with a purpose-built platform as its unifying core. This encompasses all possible groups within an enterprise, including finance, sales, supply chain, human resources and others.

Why Use Anaplan?

Anaplan software works

Engaging User Experience

Anaplan’s collaborative, intuitive, and engaging user experience brings the right people into the planning process at the right time, across devices and solutions. The entire company can share real-time data, enabling smarter, faster decision-making and unprecedented flexibility.


Embedded optimization, including Anaplan’s Optimizer™, cutting-edge predictive algorithms, and evolving AI/ML capabilities transforms complicated inputs into actionable recommendations.

Powerful Planning
and Modeling

Anaplan’s patented in-memory Hyperblock calculation engine and HyperScale capabilities enable multi-dimensional scenario modeling with unlimited constraints. These technologies also allow companies to model even the most complicated scenarios to stay ahead of market changes.

Highly extensible ecosystem

The Anaplan platform collects and analyzes data in a single location, enabling both high-level and granular analyses and facilitating data-sharing with all stakeholders.

Enterprise Scalability

The Anaplan platform connects the entire enterprise and scales across billions of cells, hundreds of models and use cases, thousands of users, and unlimited versions. Calculations stay consistent and rapid for all data sets and any number of users

Robust security

The industry-leading security capabilities of the Anaplan platform give businesses the transparency, visibility, access, and control needed for superior data safekeeping and protection.

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