S/4HANA Implementation

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What is SAP S/4 HANA?

SAP S/4HANA is an intelligent ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) that helps enterprises deliver efficiently and run optimally. This transforms companies into an intelligent enterprise that is more agile and adaptable to the rapidly changing business landscape, bringing them to the forefront of innovation and success. 

Why Invest in a new ERP?

With the rapid developments in technology and business, it is imperative for any enterprise to be ahead of the game to maintain a competitive advantage. It all starts with the upgrading of existing legacy systems.

You need an ERP that’s capable of harnessing the power of intelligent technologies that can help improve business processes, bring better revenue numbers and increase overall productivity.

Why work with bneXt?

In the current business landscape, there is nothing more important than having a trustworthy reputation. 

Part of our mantra is that our work is premised on integrity hence we go beyond than just accomplishing tasks and closing 

projects. We are known as a dependable company that earns the goodwill of our customers with the quality and effort that 

we put in to go beyond expectations.

We have built a solid foundation of success by having zero failed implementations in over 300 successful projects across different industries locally and internationally.

Our SAP experts gained experience through years of working in conglomerate settings and consultancy roles, handling even complicated implementations.

We can integrate various systems with SAP and work with both legacy and packaged solutions to provide a seamlessly working over-all solution.

We have received commendations from SAP multiple times. Most significant of which is the recognition as the only partner in the country with a Recognized S/4 HANA Expertise. We have also been trusted by SAP Regional Headquarters to configure the country-specific Model Company for the entire Philippines.

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