The Intelligent Enterprise: Changing the Face of Business

Technology is changing expectations at the highest levels of an organization. Finance leaders are expected to work closely with IT leaders to master data, use it to draw out insights that improve the bottom line, and make smart funding decisions. On top of that, they need the right information at their fingertips so they can manage the business in near real-time. This is where the shift to an Intelligent Enterprise mindset comes in.

An Intelligent Enterprise includes three key capabilities: visibility, focus, and agility. SAP Concur helps finance, technology teams, and their companies become Intelligent Enterprises by collecting, normalizing, enriching, and connecting previously siloed data so everyone can focus on more strategic work.

In this whitepaper, we will discuss about connecting all the organization’s functions to make sure its actions carry the business forward with better visibility, focus, and agility to avoid risks and capitalize on opportunities.