Migration to Alibaba Cloud

Migrating data assets from an on-premise environment to the cloud is always a daunting task for enterprises due to difficulties, such as the complicated steps, unpredictable risks, and optimization problems during and after the migration process.

This whitepaper provides a comprehensive guide to help enterprises move data, applications, and entire business systems to Alibaba Cloud with a proven cloud migration strategy. It provides checklists to access migration targets, introduces migration tools, and explains the phased approaches in multiple steps to help grasp the key information in different scenarios for a successful migration.

This whitepaper provides information to help businesses run safely with agility and scalability on Alibaba Cloud by offering backup and disaster recovery methods for databases and servers, explaining how to optimize applications on the cloud and streamline cloud usage, demonstrating multi-dimensional security measures, and introducing Alibaba Cloud products and services to help manage cloud resources for better performance and lower costs.