CompTIA Cloud+

In this course, you will apply the skills required to evaluate and implement standard deployments. You will implement, maintain, and deliver cloud technologies including network, storage, and virtualization technologies to create cloud solutions. You will manage workload migrations, manage cloud vendors to control costs, use automation and orchestration to bring business value from cloud solutions, and ensure security of cloud implementations through the use of cybersecurity best practices. In addition, this course prepares you to pass the CompTIA® Cloud+® exam and earn the corresponding certification.  

Course Content:

This course is designed for IT professionals who wish to develop cloud computing skills to enable them to move IT workloads to the cloud and integrate products and services from different providers and industries.

  • Lesson 1: Preparing to Deploy Cloud Solutions
  • Lesson 2: Deploying a Pilot Project
  • Lesson 3: Testing Pilot Project Deployments
  • Lesson 4: Designing a Secure and Compliant Cloud Infrastructure
  • Lesson 5: Designing and Implementing a Secure Cloud Environment
  • Lesson 6: Planning Identity and Access Management for Cloud Deployments
  • Lesson 7: Determining CPU and Memory Sizing for Cloud Deployments
  • Lesson 8: Determining Storage Requirements for Cloud Deployments
  • Lesson 9: Analyzing Workload Characteristics to Ensure Successful Migration
  • Lesson 10: Maintaining Cloud Systems
  • Lesson 11: Implementing Backup, Restore, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity Measures
  • Lesson 12: Analyzing Cloud Systems for Performance
  • Lesson 13: Analyzing Cloud Systems for Anomalies and Growth Forecasting
  • Lesson 14: Troubleshooting Deployment, Capacity, Automation, and Orchestration Issues
  • Lesson 15: Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues
  • Lesson 16: Troubleshooting Security Issues